Handcrafted Terracotta Cooking Pots With Lid Small Size


Elevate your culinary journey and embrace the wholesome goodness of natural cooking with our Handcrafted Terracotta Handi/Cooking Pot Handmade by artisans. Enriches the flavour of your dishes while preserving essential nutrients.

  • Comes with a cooking pot small size with 1 lid.
  • lavor Enhancement & Nutrient Preservation: Terracotta cooking enhances the flavor profile of your dishes while preserving vital nutrients.
  • Even Heat Distribution: The porous nature of terracotta ensures uniform heat distribution, resulting in perfectly cooked meals with rich, natural flavors.
  • Versatile & Long-lasting: Ideal for various cooking techniques like frying, sautéing, simmering, and stewing, our terracotta handi is designed for durability and versatility.

Note that each piece is handmade, resulting in slight variations that enhance uniqueness.
Explore customization options for this product, tailored to your quantity needs. Let’s transform your unique ideas into clay-crafted masterpieces!

We also offer products for artists to paint these clay items, allowing for endless customization possibilities.
For bulk orders and further inquiries, contact us.
Let’s join hands to support and promote local handicrafts.

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Curious about terracotta?
Terracotta is a type of clay-based ceramic material known for its natural reddish-brown color. It’s often used in pottery and sculpture due to its malleability when wet and its ability to retain its shape after firing. Terracotta has been utilized for centuries in various cultures for creating functional and decorative items, ranging from flower pots to intricate art pieces. Its earthy and rustic appearance adds warmth and charm to any setting.
Experience the Khanapur Terracotta products ? handcrafted with love in the picturesque village of Khanapur, Belagavi, Karnataka.
This product flaunts a chic minimalist design, perfect for decorating any space. It not only elevates your home’s style but also shares Karnataka’s rich heritage with you, all at affordable prices.
Please note, as each product is handmade, size and painting may vary slightly ? adding to its unique charm.
Our commitment to Mother Earth shines through; the Khanapur Terracotta product is made from eco-friendly materials, ideal for those who cherish sustainable living.
Whether you’re sprucing up your home, gifting Karnataka’s heritage, or just adding a dash of beauty to your surroundings, our Khanapur Terracotta products fits every occasion.
Let’s join hands to promote local art and artists. For inquiries or to see this product, reach out to our customer care number. Together, we celebrate creativity!


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