Fragrance flower candle big 4pc


Handcrafted scented candles made with soy wax and honey wax.
Imbued with fragrances for a tranquil and delightful experience.
Available in captivating designs, sizes, and vibrant colors.
Versatile candles suitable for tabletop or floating decoration.
Crafted by talented visually impaired artisans.
Ideal for creating a serene ambiance perfect for relaxation or introspection.
Suitable for offering to deities.

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Whether you seek to add a touch of elegance to your home, gift a piece of heritage to a loved one, or simply wish to brighten your surroundings, these candles are ideal.
Eco-friendly feature preserves for reuse.
Adds longevity and reduces waste.

Note: Need a closer look at our products? Simply request real-time images or videos via WhatsApp at +917478360311. We’re here to provide personalized assistance and ensure your satisfaction.
Step into elegance and support local artisans with every purchase.
Color may vary slightly due to photography.


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