Gomay Necklace


Jewellery made up of cow dung.
Jewellery is the artistic heritage of our Bharatiya culture.
Jewellery show the arts, traditions and richness of our culture.
This Gomaya Jewellery is unique, economical and innovative.
A difference in the sense of innovation?..

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Step into elegance and support local artisans with every purchase.
Color may vary slightly due to photography.

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” गोमये वसते लक्ष्मी ”
Gomaya, or cow dung, holds significant cultural and ecological importance. By utilizing this natural resource, we promote sustainable living and support rural economies.
Our artisans collect desi cow dung from local sources, where it is carefully dried and cleaned to ensure purity and quality. After cleaning, the cow dung undergoes a meticulous process of grinding and straining using traditional tools like chalni (sieve). This ensures a smooth and uniform texture, ready to be shaped.
By choosing our Gomaya products, you not only embrace tradition but also contribute to environmental sustainability. Cow dung products offer a biodegradable and renewable alternative to synthetic materials, reducing our ecological footprint.
Panchagavya products encompass a diverse range of items derived from the five key elements of the cow, known as “panchagavya” in Sanskrit. These elements include cow dung (gomaya), cow urine (gomutra), milk, curd, and ghee. Revered in Indian culture for their holistic and medicinal properties, panchagavya products have gained popularity for their numerous health benefits and eco-friendly nature.


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