Handloom Jacket 40(L) Size


  • Material: Hand-spun cotton.
  • Weaving Technique: Traditional handloom weaving.
  • Features: Front two pockets, button closure.
  • Sizing: Available in various sizes for a perfect fit.
  • contact us to order the material.
  • Made in Bharat

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Color may vary slightly due to photography.

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  • Handloom weaving involves creating textiles with traditional hand-operated looms.
  • It begins with selecting high-quality natural fibres like cotton, silk, wool, or jute.
  • Prepare yarn by spinning raw fibres into thread and winding them onto bobbins.
  • Measure and arrange warp yarns on the loom’s frame in parallel lines.
  • Interlace weft yarns through warp threads using a shuttle or weaving tool to create patterns.
  • Maintain tension on warp threads for evenness and consistency.
  • Weaving complete, inspect the fabric for flaws; may undergo washing, dyeing, or finishing.
  • Handloom weaving is both a craft and artistic expression, labour-intensive but yielding unique textiles.


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