Navalagunda Jamkhana 1/2 feet * 6 feet


Where tradition meets craftsmanship in every weave. Handcrafted by rural artisans, these durries are more than just carpets; they are a piece of history and heritage woven into every thread
Material: Natural cotton or wool
Weaving Technique: Vertical loom
Design: Inspired by local motifs and culture, including Navilu (peacock), Badi Ghadi, Tukadanki Ghadi, Paanch Nanki, Kangora, Pagadi Mani, and Bada More loom patterns
Colors: Vibrant hues reflecting the natural dyes used
Size: Available in various dimensions to suit your space

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Step into elegance and support local artisans with every purchase.
Color may vary slightly due to photography.

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Navalgund Durries, named after the “hill of peacocks,” carry a rich legacy passed down through generations. Each design, whether it’s the intricate Navilu or the geometric patterns of Badi Ghadi, holds significance and symbolism rooted in tradition.

What sets Navalgund Durries apart is not just their exquisite designs but also the craftsmanship of the rural weavers who bring them to life. With around 190 designs possible, artisans create each piece from memory, ensuring a personalized touch that meets your unique requirements.

By choosing Navalgund Durries, you not only adorn your home with exquisite carpets but also support rural artisans and preserve a cultural heritage that spans centuries. Bring home a piece of history with Navalgund Durries and let the


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